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What you get

Random Ass Shirts

JsBox has one purpose and one purpose only.  To get you the most random shirts we can.  You order a box for a shirt size and we'll ship you 5 completely random shirts in that size.  Styles can run from Vintage to homemade.  You could get a box that has a custom made shirt from Rebecca's retirement party, or a random concert shirt from the 90's that someone gave away. There are no custom orders, no asking if we have a certain type of shirt, no way of choosing or telling what you will get.  All shirts are second-hand and hand chosen to be of high quality.  All shirts are washed before being packaged and shipped.  If you see a shirt in a review or in a video we make on social media that you like, then there's a chance you'll get it in the mystery box, but order fast for your chance.  All boxes are random, there is no way to reserve.  We buy the shirts and when a box is ordered it's filled with 5 shirts at random and shipped.   All shirt Boxes are Unisex.  

Why order...

We agree, why order if you can just go to a thrift store and go shopping yourself.  By all means, please do!  Our mission is to get people to step out of their comfort zone and be creative with their clothes.  How many times have you seen a shirt at a thrift store and just didn't give in and buy it?  A unique shirt that made you smile or laugh or you just haven't seen before.  We encourage you to go to a thrift store and do just that.  Give in!  Buy that shirt!  Make it part of your style.  OR save yourself the time and the anguish of choosing and have a little mystery fun by ordering from us and see what comes your way!

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